LG G Flex to be launched in Singapore and Hong Kong on December 13


LG G FlexGadgets world has been patiently waiting for LG G Flex. The time has now arrived for its launch. On December 13th, 2013, this product will be released in the markets of Hong Kong, and Singapore.


G Flex is equipped with a 6-inch curved display.  According to LG, this feature accommodates the facial contour, thereby increasing the audio reception of both incoming as well as outgoing telephone calls. However, market is also talking about a special self-healing property of this screen. If these rumors are to be believed, this screen can repair scratches on it within seconds.


LG plans to launch this curved smartphone in Europe soon enough, with US being last in the list to receive this phone.  However, there are rumors that LG has already negotiated deals with US carriers, i.e., Sprint, T Mobile, and AT&T. Therefore, people in the US can expect it to arrive in early 2014.

This product from LG competes with Samsung’s Galaxy Round, which comes with 5.7 inch screen. The display screen in Samsung’s smartphone tends to curve horizontally, unlike that in LG product, which curves vertically. As of now G Flex smartphone costs $989.50 whereas Samsung’s product is $50 cheaper. If the audio amplification is not more than that in Samsung’s product, then this additional charge will only make LG a loser in the highly competitive environment. LG’s product may also be in for a cold reception if the screen does not have self-healing feature as suggested by rumors.

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