LG G2 Pro Launching Ahead of LG G3 in the Upcoming MWC 2014 Event


LG G2 ProInternational Business Times has provided the information that LG G2 Pro is all set to be launched ahead of LG G3 in February 2014. LG is planning to unveil LG G2 Pro in the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2014 in the very next month. Earlier everyone was expecting that LG would be launching its flagship model LG G3 in the MWC event, but when the LG G2 Pro was teased officially by LG then all the speculations came to an end.

LG G2 Pro

Although not much information is available, but it has been suggested by the insiders that the LG G2 Pro is a 6-inch gadget running on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Moreover, G2 Pro will be missing Quad HD of 2K and will have 3 GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a resolution screen of 1080p. The most striking difference is that LG G3 will have a resolution of 2K QHD and would be only 5.5 inch long.

Why LG G2 Pro is scheduled to Launch Ahead of LG G3

Perhaps LG is launching G2 Pro ahead of LG G3 for its being targeted as a competitor device of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Galaxy Note 3 is scheduled to come in the market by March 2014 and by the time G2 Pro will also be hitting the market to meet its rival device.

However, reports are saying that LG G3 will also be making its way in the gadget world by May 2014. So, by that time the gadget lovers can decide if they want to upgrade LG G2 Pro to LG G3 if they don’t feel the device much exciting.

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