LG Intuition, rebranded Optimus Vu for Verizon


There are many renaming of phones especially when they reach the United States. While the Optimus Vu might be known as that in other places outside of the US, inside the country it is known as the LG Intuition instead. This rename is simply because the phone is being supported by Verizon only and also because in addition to the features present on the international version, the LG Intuition also comes with 4G LTE as well.

The LG Intuition is big as it has a 5-inch screen. In fact, it will be comparable with the Samsung Galaxy Note II as well. With the 4G LTE on board, you are looking at a fast internet connection as well as its hardware. However, with it having a 4:3 aspect ratio, it might be a bit awkward to hold for some. In addition to that, like the Galaxy Note, it also has a Rubberdium stylus that is just as good as the latter device.

All in all, if you find that you need a big phone although not with the brand Samsung on it, you can go with the LG Intuition. It will be available for just $200 on contract which would be affordable to many as well.

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