LG Nexus 5 Arrives with Some Hardware Revisions


LG Nexus 5It has only been a month since LG introduced Nexus 5 for high end gadgets users. But the company has already changed some of its hardware in the device, due to which, it is forced to change the body of the smartphone.

Changes in the New LG Nexus 5

LG has implemented these changes following complaints about the door of the SIM tray and buttons on the device, which apparently protruded from the main body. Accordingly, SIM tray no longer protrudes and is almost flush with Nexus’ body. In addition, the holes provided for microphones have also increased in size. The device Nexus 5 now includes a rocker switch which is for volume. 


There is no change to the speed of Nexus’ processor. Nor is there any change in its RAM or storage memory. Even the specifications of the display screen and connectivity have not been altered.

It is good that LG has responded promptly to market’s perception of design flaws in its device. However, the company has already sold quite a few of these devices with these flaws. It remains to be seen whether the company will offer some money back to those buyers or withdraw the product and issue revised one. If it does neither, then it would make people go slow on purchasing gadgets in the future and bring down the demand that usually follows the release of such products. Effectively, it would bring down prices of all such products in the future.

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