LG working hard to introduce a thinner Optimus 3D


LG is all set to introduce a thinner Optimus 3D and what makes it unique is the fact that it is as thin as 7mm.

The Drawback with Current Optimus 3D Model

The biggest drawback with the Optimus 3D was it’s dize since it looked a bit bulky. Now, LG is working hard to issue a slim edition of the phone which would probably hit the markets next year. In a conversation with Pocket-lint LG’s Dr Henry Noh, he said the Optimus 3D is still not the slimmest phone available on the market, we want to make it a little slimmer.

A 3D device would not necessarily mean it’s going to be thicker

According to Noh, probably by next year all the phones are going to be really thin, that is around 6mm. If the company produces a 7mm model of the Optimus 3D then certainly that would imply a reduction of 5mm from the current model. Apart from that, Noh plans to introduce something wherein adding 3D technology to any gadget would not increase its thickness any further.

That means, you can stay tension free of having a 3D device without compromising with its thickness.

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