Lode Runner on SE Xperia Play


Xperia Play originally made to attract gamers worldwide is adding a major console game “Lode Runner”. One of the oldest games in history of gaming industry Lode Runner was first released in 1983.

Success of Lode Runner as a Gaming Console

The customizable ability of the game was the main reason of its success back then and even today. The game has been released on famous consoles gadget such as Xbox 360 and has had a positive feedback. The gameplay is still intact from beginning of its time, guiding a player across ladders and obstacles by avoiding enemies and gaining points. Customizable levels are also still there in the game.

Lode Runner with Xperia Play

Tozai Games is currently the owner of Lode Runner and along with Sony Ericsson will launch the game for androids by making it available for Xperia devices. Xperia Play was launched in Japan in autumn of 2011. Their target group was gamers and hence provided suitable game keys, which are like PSP go, that are opened while sliding the Xperia Play phone. Xperia Play is also the first PlayStation certified smartphone and is powered with Android 2.3. The 512 MB RAM and 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor makes this smartphone powerful enough to play high graphic games. No doubt Sony Ericsson has opened up a new category of smartphones by introducing Xperia Play.


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