Lumia EOS teased by Nokia, curtain raiser scheduled on Tuesday


The Nokia Lumia, which is scheduled to get its curtain raiser by on May 14, is being teased by Nokia with a Preview during this weekend. In the ad, the Lumia seems to portray a jutting out the lens with dual flash LED lights in it.

What will it be the EOS offering?

Well in the ad there is definitely the hint that this gadget will the one which gives you more than what eyes can see! The high resolution sensor is basically the tagline of this commercial and it also says of offering “PureView”. Reminds us of the 808 but this is nowhere close to the dimensions and weight. Additionally it will have aluminium waterproof casing coated with Nano particles.

Have we seen PureView in other devices?

Now there you are right! We have seen it as a promise in the Lumia 920. Even though, this pixel gathering approach hasn’t yet made to the 808, the sensor in the 808 is 41MP. But there were serious glitches due to the bulky sensors which made it a showpiece in the gallery of Nokia Smartphones.

Teaser ads are very popular with Nokia and we can now see that Lumia 928 and EOS are soon getting its unveiling.

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