Luxury Retailer Brikk’s iPhone 6 Gold Models Ready for Preorder


brikk-lux-iphone-6It is now possible for you to make a preorder of the luxury iPhone 6. You can order this device even before it is launched, which is not until a couple of months. If you have extra money ready to spare, then it is a wise choice. Brikk, the luxury retailer, now lets the users get iPhone 6 new generation Apple gadget available for preorder. The price range varies from $4495 to $8795.


The iPhone 6 devices have a 4.7-inch display. The storage capacity is 128 GB. Digitimes has hinted that the 5.5-inch display devices are also accompanying the 4.7-inch devices. But, the devices are not launched together while one of them is launched in September, another a few months later. This is to ensure that there is no clash in the sales.

Options Available

You can get 1.8-carat white diamonds covered on the Apple logo for an additional billing.  The luxurious gold, platinum and diamond-clad smartphones come in white and black color. Also, available are the 24-carat yellow and pink gold versions. These lux variants would be available only after 3 to 4 weeks after the launch of the devices.

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