Market Buzzing with the Sneak Peek Preview of LG’s Nexus


LG Nexus 5Ever since Engadget leaked some features of LG’s upcoming Nexus 5, a series of leak about this gadget have kept the market on its toes. The latest leak, which has come from none other than Google’s Play Store has added to market’s knowledge about this high end smartphone. Effectively, the market has a pretty good picture of what is in store for them when LG eventually launches Nexus 5.


Like all smartphones, it will have touchscreen display with considerably high resolution. This Android model will have a 4.95” screen with 1080 pixels. Its rear camera would be of 8 megapixels.


Version 4.4 of Android will be the operating system in it. The processor in Nexus 5 will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, more specifically the 800 systems on chip (SoC), and Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless communication system along with the maximum storage memory of 32 GB.

Leak from Google has given the market an idea about the device’s price, which will be $349. This is the same price that LG charges as of now for its 16 GB Nexus 4.  Since the market already knows a lot about this product, there will be nothing much that LG would be able to share on the day of launching this product. What was surprising, however, was that this time, it was Google that leaked sensitive information. As to the smartphone, it is offering more for the same price, and in general, bringing down the prices all such gadgets, including laptops.

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