Microsoft to Sell Dual Sim Lumia 540 for Less than $150


Dual SIM Lumia 540Gadgets world has a lot to feel happy about, thanks to Microsoft launching Lumia 540 at an extremely affordable price. This dual sim device is an improved version of the previous model, i.e., Lumia 535. This device will be launched in May, 2015. For starters, Microsoft will launch it in Middle East, Italy, Asia Pacific and India. The product is targeted at the segment of the market that is willing to pay $149.


The display of Lumia 540 smartphone is 5 inches in size. The OS integrated in it is Window 8.1. Improvements over Lumia 535 include longer lasting battery, better primary camera, and higher display resolution. Microsoft launched Lumia 535 in November 2014. It’s price for launch was $140. Considering this, the buyer would be paying just $9 more for superior battery, camera, and display resolution. In addition, the device is designed in such a way that it will be good enough for Windows 10 as well.


Lumia 540 is also a 3G device like its forerunner. The standby period of this device is 24 days, i.e., 10 days more than Lumia 535. The rest of the specifications of Lumia 540 and Lumia 535 are almost identical. As of now, Lumia 540 is available in matte black, orange, cyan, and white colors.

Microsoft has plans to introduce a high-end product in near future, but not before releasing Windows 10. Announcement of Lumia 540’s compatibility with Windows 10 is an indication that Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 10 in 2015. For people with small budgets, Microsoft’s Lumia 540 is a gift from Microsoft, but the company stands to gain more with the eventual popularity of Windows 10.

It is a smart move on the part of Microsoft because the number of people who can afford Lumia 540 is definitely more than those who can buy high-end devices. By increasing familiarity with Windows 10, Microsoft will soon make a huge dent in Android market, provided of course that Lumia 540 devices become popular. Perhaps, Microsoft should have lowered the price by another 10 to 20 dollars and come up with a limited period offer to achieve its objective and assess the market for Windows 10.

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