Moove – Gesture Music Application For Nokia 5800


Moove - Nokia 5800 Gesture Application

‘Moove’ is a new application developed by eyesight-tech and this application is now available for download at the ovi store. This is yet another music application but with something new.

Moove is an application based on Gestures. This application is really awesome and the users might fell in love with it. At this time, Moove is available only for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music (luckily I have one). I tried this application on my Nokia 5800 and it works perfectly.

Installation -

- Download and install this application from the ovi store.

- When you run this player for the first time, you’ll have to click the Sync button so that this application could find songs from your phone.

Features of Moove -

This application uses the front camera of the phone to catch up the gestures of the user.

- To play/pause a song you will have to cover the front camera with your hand.

- To switch to the next song, you will have to wave your hand over the front camera.

- To switch to the previous song, you will have to click the ‘previous’ button twice.

You can also checkout this video to see how this application in action -

If you’re a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music user you can download this application for free and you can enjoy the new music gestures.

Do you like the idea of gesture applications? Do you think that a similar application may also be available for iPhone 4 soon?

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