More Developing Markets for Apple 3GS


iPhone 4S is the best but the 3GS will not be shown the door quickly- especially in the developing markets. Apple has reportedly decided against discontinuing the iPhone 3GS gadgets to target the potential market segments in the developing countries where it is sold at the noncontract price.

Apple Expansion Plans

The third generation smartphone, now costing $375 without a contract is expected to be slashed to somewhere between $250 and $300 according to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek. The push in the prepaid markets around the world especially in the developing countries is all set to be augmented by Apple’s new deal with a with a prominent distribution and logistics company.

What Apple Will Do

Currently in bigger markets like the US, the iPhone 3GS has been turned to an entry-level smartphone, which can be brought entirely free with a new two-year contract with some carrier. The iPhone 4, which was released in 2010, is available for a contract price of $99. Moreover, after 4S when the new iPhone will be launched later this year, iPhone 4 will go into the free contract offering. However, according to the insight by the analyst, Apple may not discard the 3GS thoroughly and prepare a different plan for the emerging economies.

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