Moto G is the 2013 Black Friday Surprise Arrives on Amazon


moto gMotorola first surprised the gadgets world by introducing Moto G, which is a cheaper version of its Moto X, almost six weeks ahead of its planned timeline for the launch. The second surprise in the store was to sell this smart phone through Amazon with effect from 2013 Black Friday.


Amazon is selling this handset at the same price as Motorola. This means people can get the 8 GB Moto G for $179, and 16 GB Moto G for $199 even from Amazon. Only the shipment dates between Motorola and the e-commerce company will differ by two days.

Features and Specifications

Moto X allows users to change the appearance of the device by changing accents or colors. Moto G also has several colors for playing about like Moto X, apart from being its identical twin of sorts. The display of Moto G is 4.5 inch in size, with 720 p. The operating system in this smartphone is Android Jelly Bean.

Moto X was an exclusive product, but apparently, Motorola felt a larger market share was better focus on rather than stick to an exclusive lot. Demand exists for this product, and it is going to siphon away that could have been customers of Moto X. Nevertheless, Moto X might just survive the onslaught from this cheaper version, thanks to people’s fascination with exclusive products. Motorola would have been better off creating a limited edition of Moto X if Moto G would be on the horizon. Incidentally, Google acquired Motorola in 2012.

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