Moto X Arriving Soon in the Market with the Colorful Customization Option


May be by tomorrow you will hear the news that Motorola (recently acquired by Google) has launched the Moto X smartphone which can be designed yourself. As told to the several news resources, the Moto X gadgets back case can be customized to a great extent with different engravings and colors as per the likings of the users.

Customizing Moto X Smartphones

The process of customization of Moto X will be pretty simple, and the buyers will select their favorite color from the palette of colors. There are two colors- one for the back case and other for the trim of the Moto X phone. Moreover, messages can also be engraved on the back cover, or a personal photo can be uploaded by the buyer, to be used the phone screen’s wallpaper.

Features of Moto X

Moto X will be running on the Google’s Android OS, and 4.2.2 Android version is also undergoing the testing phase done by the carriers like Verizon. So, this mid range phone will be available online and standard versions can be taken away through stores of various carriers.

Another good thing is that buyers will get the personalized Moto X device on the same day of placing the order!

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