Motorola Defy XT Available for $99 at monthly service plan of $29


Republic Wireless, the carriers of the Motorola Defy XT has just announced two lucrative offers for those who do not want to buy Defy XT at $250.

The offers

Those who want the Motorola Defy XT can get it with $99, but they will have to avail their monthly plan. Or they can buy the smartphone gadget at the existing rate and avail their $19 a month plan. Surely this carrier is binding you in a monthly plan instead of a contract by decreasing the price of the devise, relying only on its goodwill in the market. Additionally Republic will also be gifting a Play Store gift card worth fifty bucks if you avail it.

Targets people who want to switch over

The blog that announced the news specified that Republic is launching this plan for people who want a transition to this carrier. The monthly cost seems higher in case of this special plan, but keeping in mind the initial investment on the device at $250, which may not be easy for all, the plan seems extremely lucrative.

If you are a member who recently shifted or one who want more information, you can log on to the official website.

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