Motorola to release new RAZR model


The Motorola RAZR was one of the company’s most successful products due to its iconic design which makes it a favorite amongst many people. It has been a while since the last RAZR model was released and to some, the device was long forgotten. However, Motorola has released a new product under the RAZR name called the DROID RAZR which is a combination of both its DROID and RAZR line.

Sporting a 1.2GHz dual-core processor which can be said a bit faster than the one in the iPhone 4S, the DROID RAZR also has a 1GB RAM to accompany its speedy processor. As far as storage is concerned, the device has a 16GB internal storage but it also has a microSDHC slot as well. It is powered by the latest stable version of Android which is version 2.3.5. Battery capacity on the other hand is higher than most devices which is at 1780mAh which means that this device can last longer than most devices. This would also complement its 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen which may be one of the main factors in draining its battery.

DROID RAZR is a great 4G LTE phone which would work superbly under all conditions. It is to be launched soon and we are definitely looking forward to that.

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