Motorola Will Release Droid RAZR HD


Motorola RAZR is lining up in the list of new android smartphones. This news about the Motorola DROID RAZR HD has been discovered in data of photo EXIF. Motorola is all set to add another device to their Droid RAZR gadgets, the RAZR HD, if rumors are to be true. Motorola earlier sparked surprises when it released the RAZR Maxx with a 3300mAh battery just two months after the debut of the original Droid RAZR. The rumors are based on the EXIF data from some Picasa photos posted by a Motorola employee.


The main thing is known from the photos relates to the camera of the new device. The camera will have a lens similar to that of the iPhone 4S with and f/2.4 aperture. Previous rumors have put the camera at 13 MP! The device in all probability will feature the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich given that the phone was listed under ‘Vanquish’ under ‘Software’ with a reference to 4.0.3.

What is ‘HD’?

So what is the ‘HD’ about in the new RAZR device? As we have seen in the leak of the Motorola Droid Fighter, a 4.6-inch smartphone seen in China, the HD screen might be a 720p high-resolution display.

Other than this nothing, much has been known about the RAZR HD, and there has not been an official word about the RAZR HD or when it would be released.

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