Motorola’s Droid Turbo will soon be Available on 5 November Globally under its Maxx Brand


Droid TurboOn November 5th, 2014, Motorola will introduce its Droid Turbo across the world. This smartphone is already available in the US through Mobile Phone carrier, Verizon. So far, Verizon was the exclusive carrier. The device will be introduced under the company’s Maxx brand. The international version will be launched from Sau Paulo, in Brazil where Motorola already has a significant market share.

Exclusive Features

The reason Droid Turbo is popular is because of its battery power which is a massive 3900 mAH. So far, none of the smart phones are able to match that. This enables 48 hours usage. It also comes with a turbocharger which can load charge enough for 8 hours in merely 15 minutes. The device has a nano-coating which makes it waterproof. It also has a very powerful autofocus camera of 21 megapixels in its rear. This camera has an aperture of f/2.0, which is accompanied by a flash of dual-LED. The front camera, however, is just a 2-megapixel component.


The display screen of this smartphone is 5.2 inches in size. This a QHD display with 1440 by 2560 pixels. Effectively, the pixel density on this screen is 565 ppi. At the heart of the device is a quad core 805 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor the speed of which is 2.7 GHz. The RAM built inside is 3GB.  Android Kitkat, i.e., Android 4.4.4 is the OS in this system.

Motorola has desirable and unique features to offer and it has got its timing right thinking that Christmas is just round the corner. It remains to be seen how it chooses to price the product considering that this is the season for launch of many such products. The success of the product, therefore, depends upon the rate.

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