Motorola’s New RAZR i Smartphone Revealed


Motorola’s latest mobile phone in the market, RAZR i, was uncovered and showcased to the public in London. The Intel power-driven smartphone is the first in the Motorola product series to integrate the processor for added advantage and power. The fresh release is expected to contend with prominent names in the mobile industry; Apple and Samsung.

When Motorola RAZR i is coming

Experience the Motorola RAZR i, on shelves in South American and European countries, during the month of October. The 4.3-inch touch-screen display device works with Android OS and is fast enough at 2 GHz. The extended battery life of 20 hours is one of the most crucial aspects of the selling point factor of Motorola’s answer to the popular Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 gadgets.

Valuable Wait for Gadget Freaks

Samsung and Apple smartphones are the current rage and rank topmost in the mobile phone bandwagon. It is a valuable wait for the RAZR i to be available for gadget freaks in the month to come. With the consumers lapping up the Apple iPhone 5 models, will this vital Motorola launch determine its ranking? The clock has started ticking for the RAZR i smartphone access, so wait for this gadget having such a powerful battery.

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