Mozilla comes up with Firefox OS Phone


The phones that would run using the Firefox OS, the most recent arrivals are launched by Mozilla on July 2. The gadgets are to be sold into the market through Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica. The gadgets are One Touch Fire and ZTE open. The device would be available in Deutsche Telefonica from the same day of launch for 69 Euros.

What is great about Firefox OS?

The devices of Firefox OS are the first of its kind to be designed completely based on the web technologies. For users who are using smartphone for the first time, would be really surprised by the performance and the web media is going to hit the hands of people. There are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android in the market that follow the walled garden approach, and Firefox OS intends to do away with this approach.

Specs of Firefox OS and ZTE Fire

The smartphone get a 3.5 inch screen; RAM of 256 MB, a 3.2 MP camera, and a 4 GB micro SD card also accompanies the device. The phones of LG, Alcatel, and ZTE are to be released to use Firefox OS in countries that include Serbia, Hungary, Mexico, Spain, Poland and Venezuela. With more countries to be included, Huawei is also expected to bring out phones. In US, the Firefox OS phones are to be available only in 2014.

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