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One of the greatest strengths of the Research in Motion is the Blackberry Smartphones which have been dominating in the market for the past few months. Leveraging on that path of success, the company is going to introduce a new touch Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 in August end this year. The company hopes that it will do an equally good work in the market and would be able to win a lot new customers for the company’s database.

Features of the Gadget

The new gadget has amazing outer specifications which are claimed to be the best till now in its category. It weighs less and the body is quite thin. This bold phone is equipped with a trademark keyboard which signifies Blackberry phones and a Touch Screen that reminds the consumers of the iPhone. Apart from that it has a very fast and powerful processor, 8GB expandable onboard memory, 5 mega-pixel camera, dual band Wi-Fi and many things.

Advantages of Bold Phone

Some of the best parts of the gadget are that it allows the information to be zoomed, pinched and controlled with fluid liquid graphics like never before. Also it allows easy typing using the conventional Blackberry QWERTY keyboard. Users can easily work with the latest full version of MS Word, Excel and Power Point features directly on their SmartPhone device.


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