New Budget Lumia from Nokia


The Lumia 620 is another new Windows phone 8 mobile that has been launched by Nokia. It is the sixth phone that uses Microsoft’s new OS. With a 3.8 inches screen, it is advertised as the budget model from Nokia.

Lumia 620 Features

Nokia Lumia 620 comes for $249 or 154 pounds. The users get a SIM free of cost. It has a screen of 3.8 inches, which obviously means that the device is small. The device is minuscule model that fits into the budget of many. The specs for the gadget go as a microSD slot that can be extended about 64 GB, clear black OLED display of Nokia, radio based data sharing tech NFC and a battery that is removable.

Lumia 920 Vs 620

The basic difference between Nokia 920 and 620 is the size, and this leads to a great difference in price. As in 920, the 620 model does not have a wireless charging feature and a 4G support. In the Lumia models of 820 and 920, the dual core processor is of 1.5 GHz, whereas, in 620, it is only 1 GHz. Video pixels are also only 720p while, in the other models, it is 1080p HD. The device will be soon launched in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. US version details are not yet disclosed.

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