New Charging Stations Thanks To Samsung!


Most of us have been on a plane before, and almost everyone has traveled long distances. With all the gadgets and electronics that we depend on this day, it is hard to keep them all charged long enough to survive the trip!

That’s the biggest issue with our multi-functioning gadgets: battery life. Well for you lucky travelers in the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport you are now privy to 20 new charging stations fully equipped with an array of various plug in spots to cater to your every electronic need.

While your precious gadgets are charging up and preparing for a long flight (or just getting back from one) you are free to use the touchscreen panel on the charging station and from there you can access local weather, flight information, and much more! Unfortunately if you travel to one of the other thousand and some airports that don’t have these, you’ll have to find a plug elsewhere.

Thanks Samsung! Now I know I can sleep soundly knowing that my gadgets can be charged up at the Washington Airport! Please put some of these bad boys in more airports so we can all charge our gadgets in style!

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    Thanks for your article. I also feel that laptop computers are becoming more and more popular lately, and now tend to be the only sort of computer included in a household. Simply because at the same time they are becoming more and more economical, their computing power is growing to the point where these are as strong as desktop coming from just a few years ago.

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