New Ear Buds for iPhone 5 Revealed before the iPhone 5 Release


It is expected that the iPhone 5 release date might be coming within two weeks and before that the ear buds for Apple’s 6th generation smartphone has already been designed. The news has been released in the Verge about the video showing the current iPhone 5 earbuds. The pre-release information is revealed in video on a website claiming the pictures and features of the new iPhone 5 earbuds.

Who has made the earbuds

The earlier earbuds for iPhone 5 were updated in 2008 with the in-line remote features. A Vietnamese Foxconn plant has manufactured and assembled this gadget with a unique molded design to allow the sound flowing in the ear canal. Although we cannot see the speaker grilles, as they are not shown in the view. The Vietnamese site, has shown the video about the comparison of new and old headphones.

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date

As per the rumors, the iPhone 5 will be released on 21 September, and it is expected that Apple will make an announcement on Sept.12 about this event. However, the authenticity of the video cannot be vouched, but earlier the site has also been holding the pre-releases and prototype of Apple products.

If everything is true, then there is no longer waiting time for the Apple gadgets lovers to hold the new iPhone 5 model in hand.

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