New Flagship Model of Motorola Smartphone expected this Year


Rumors are springing up for the launch of Motorola’s new smartphone sometime this year. Motorola X phone is the name that is circulated the web. It will be sporting features like 16 MP Camera, 4i NVIDIA processor, full HD screen of 4.7 inch, and front camera of 5MP, and will be available in various colors also.

Motorola CEO confirmed the rumors

Earlier some of its specs were considered as rumors until yesterday when Motorola CEO Woodside has confirmed the rumored X phone existence. According to Woodside this smart gadget is named as “Moto X”. Furthermore, as stated by Woodside, the gadget seems to be equipped with unique technology, which will enable, in tracking if it is in hand or in the pocket.

Other Details

This smartphone will also know if you are in the car, and the car is going on at which speed so that you can interact on the phone more safely. It seems the previous Motorola’s speculated feature of eye tracking for scrolling is going to come true with X Phone. Including the above mentioned feature, the X Phone is also going to pose a tough competition against Galaxy S4 and iPhone with US manufacture-ship and OLED screen.

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