New Huawei myTouch Android Phones Launched by T-Mobile


Huawei has come up with two new phones in the T-Mobile’s myTouch series of Android phones. The smartphones- myTouch and myTouch Q will be available soon across various retailers, T-Mobile stores, and online stores. In the actual sense, specs are not everything, but utility and easiness is the criteria.

Similar Specs

The only significant difference between the two phones is that the Q has a physical QWERTY keyboard. The rest is the same- 1.4 GHz single core processor, 5 MP camera, and WVGA display 5 inch screen. The ‘Genius’ button is the trademark of the myTouch gadgets. It activates the voice control function from Nuance called Dragon. The apps drawer of the Android platform is a highly customized version. Nevertheless, a disappointing thing is that it comes in the Android Gingerbread platform.


T-Mobile relies on the simple interface that it sports. Previously, the myTouch phones extremely high-end gadgets like HTC’s myTouch 4G Slide. The new approach of coming out with mid range versions stresses more on usability and easy to use design and interface rather than stacking up with high-end specs. The phones will cost $50 for a two-year contract and will soon roll out.

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