New Line of Motorola Droids in the Market: three New Additions Speculated


Verizon Wireless and Motorola Mobility have made additions in the Droid line up on Tuesday, and three new models are included in the list. They have been nicknamed Droid Maxx.

Droid Razr Maxx

The attraction that the company is claiming is that, under normal usage, the battery life will continue for two full days. The last version of Droid Razr Maxx HD could be backup for 32 hours, but this seems to be more promising. At $299 and a two year contract, this will sure make heads turn. It has a cooler aesthetics too: the latter is 9% slimmer than the former.

Droid Trio and Mini

The Droid Trio is priced at $199 and claims to be the thinnest 4G LTE gadget in the market with 7.18mm thickness with 5inch display. The compact Droid Mini is priced at $99 and has 4.3 inch display with the resolution of 720p.

Moreover, the three gadgets are also advantageous in taking touch-less voice commands, playing music, making calls, and if misplaced can summon Google for making a ring by just saying, “OK Google Now, Call my Droid” to locate the devices.

Pre-orders are already today for Verizon and are supposed to be with the owners by August 20. The Mini; however will emerge in August 29 this year.

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