New Nokia Lumia 920 to be Released in November


Are you planning on an early Christmas vacation? Make sure that you do not miss the latest new arrival of the season, in November’s first week – the Nokia Lumia 920. The latest version in the popular Lumia series is likely to hit mobile stands not before 2 November an ideal gift for the upcoming holiday time.

Waiting for Windows 8

Awaiting the news of Windows 8 system market introduction, Nokia and other gadgets incorporating this system will have to linger until Microsoft goes public with the exact release date. The precise RTM (Release to Manufacturer) standards will be freed in the market in order to expand on the innovative Windows 8 edition details, in the coming week. Nokia and other firms implementing this latest system into their products have so far utilized the platform’s pre-release version. The wait is on for another couple of weeks, to avail the exacting RTM adaptation for complete amalgamation with the equipment.

Nokia lining up with Apple and Samsung Products

The in depth information of the Windows 8 OS is still not fully available. This has placed leading brand names like Nokia and other hardware makers at the mercy of the new version Microsoft release that is more likely to be available in the last week of October. Nokia’s Lumia 920 has yet to stand out and prove its mettle among other smartphones including the Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s top rated Galaxy Note 2. Lookout for these mobile gadgets parceled just for you as a holiday treat.

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