Next in line-the iPhone5S- to be launched later this year


In all probability, the third quarter is scheduled for the release of the iPhone5S- as reported by a reliable resource in the Apple community. By May, this year, all the parts will be already acquired so that they may be assimilated and shipped out. It is estimated that by Christmas Apples demand will rise to 45 million iPhones.

What’s latest in the iPhone

Even though, there is no official confirmation, rumors state that it will have an advanced snapper and improved processor. This will surely be true to the S series intention- to provide even better smartphone gadgets. The shell is similar to the core model, but the technicalities differ with each model of S series.

Another rumor

Another rumor relates how touch panels are being shipped from Taiwanese company called Innolux. It is 0.5mm in thickness and has 10 multi-touch points. Yet there is no substantial proof whether it is for the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 6 since the model is in line up for a 2014 release. We also hear that wireless charging is being included in the Apple iPhone5S along with fingerprint recognition.

Moreover, Apple gadget lovers will be happy to hear that iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 are also expected to arrive sometime this year.

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