Nexus Prime – Android Phone with cutting the edge technology


Google is all set to launch its next big Android phone which is called as Nexus Prime. This phone could directly go face to face with Apple’s iPhone or other popular Smartphones. The name Nexus Prime has been used by Google for its internal purposes but now the company is planning to make it public in the form of its new product.

Features of Nexus Prime

Samsung is believed to be the manufacturer of this latest gadget which employs a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. The Nexus prime is built up on a full time version of Android and hence will be used for various Android applications. Next generation Nexus Prime will have a dual core processor which will provide full time support to the 4G functionality. The device has an advanced 5 mega-pixel camera. The device is expected to do away with the buttons and provide a better user interface to the customers.

Advantages of Nexus Prime

Google expects the device to perform all major functions for its customer. The processor and the software are designed using the latest technology to enable access to thousands of applications under one platform. The device is expected to create a buzz in the Smartphone market due to its appealing features.


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  1. Gordon Huffman says:

    Newest technology is particularly helped in the highest part of daily life. Its also make fast and faster than before. Google is partner of Samsung technology and released their trademark’s name but phone is really Samsung.

    Every industry continue to keep an eye on what competitors are doing to help subscribers makes best use of the technology. And many sites provide daily technology news updates.

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