Nokia Lumia 1320 Unveils in China’s Market Today


Nokia-Lumia-1320Nokia is launching its Lumia 1320 in Chinese market today. The gadget is basically a phablet with Windows Phone integrated in them. Most of the features in this device are similar to Lumia 1520. However, Nokia Lumia 1320 is considerably cheaper than Lumia 1520.

Features and Specifications

The features of Lumia 1320 include a 720p display screen with 245 ppi. The camera integrated in this device is 5 MP. The dual core processor in Lumia 1320 is the Snapdragon S4.

Similarities with Lumia 1520

The size of the screen of both these higher and lower end products is alike. Gorilla Glass covers this screen, as well. In additions, the applications that can be used on Lumia 1520 can be used on Lumia 1320, as well. The touch screens of both the devices are very sensitive. Both devices also have expandable memories.

With Nokia Lumia 1320 in Chinese market, Microsoft is officially laying foundation for phablets. These devices would be reigning for quite some time now. Lower end products ensures larger market share, as well. There are plans to launch the product in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, as well. If the market likes the product, then chances are that Microsoft, Nokia, and Windows Phone will continue to be in demand and all-in-all probability Microsoft will regain its supremacy.

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