Nokia Lumia 1520 Available for Just $49.99 at Amazon


Lumia 1520Are you longing to own a Windows phone at cheaper rates then it is the best time to grab an Amazon deal which is offering Nokia Lumia 1520 with just the price tag of $49.99. Launched just a month ago Lumia 1520 has impressed quite a lot of users and with the massive discount of $150 on a 2-year contract it is attracting a lot of customers.

Amazon’s Offer

The availability of this deal is for the new AT&T customers and on all the 4 colors-red, blue, white and yellow of Nokia Lumia 1520 gadgets. However, the existing customers should not get dishearten as they can grab the deal by paying $99.99 for upgrading the plan. The consumers, which are reluctant for the contract deals, will have to pay out a massive amount of $629.99 to get a device which is commitment free.

Features and Specifications

The first Windows based phablet has a display of 1080p and is packed inside the body of 6 inches. Moreover, it is well equipped with Lumia Black software and latest update 3 for Windows phone. The gadget has a 20 MP pure view camera, 800 Quad-core Snapdragon processor, 3400 mAh battery and 32 GB of storage.

So, get your credit card handy for getting this Lumia phablet in your pocket.

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