Nokia Lumia 929 Leaks Strengthens the Rumors for its Release in 2014


Nokia Lumia 929In the list of upcoming Nokia Lumia phones in 2014, Lumia 929 is the most awaited one. There have many speculations about the specs and features of this smartphone. Some leaks included information about Nokia Lumia 929, which will be outright Windows device. However, not much information could be collected about this device as Nokia’s foray in Android arena is what is surprising and a bit sensational too.

Expected Features

Rumor mills are mongering speculations that 5” device will include chipset of Snapdragon 800, 20 MP camera and a display with the resolution of 1080p. According to the pictures revealed by @evleaks the device is appearing to have a capacitative button which can be seen just below the screen and would be like a back button.

Nokia Lumia 929 Case for Sale

As the pictures of the device were exposed many times, so Wireless Ground case maker has released the Lumia 929 case image. This Armor Stand case gives a clear-cut idea that, in the coming year, this phone is surely making its way in the gadgets market. Initially the Lumia 929 case was priced at $19.95, but the prices are slashed down to $11.95.

The Lumia 929 seems to be in stock which clearly depicts that its release is coming closer. Whatever be the scene just keep your eyes open to check out the latest updates about the Nokia Lumia 929 official unveiling.

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