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On September, 2011, Nokia launched its much awaited N9 Smartphone gadget which has a Meego Operating System. Moving from the traditional Symbian OS, Nokia’s new smartphone comes with no buttons. The company is all set to provide tough competition to other smartphone manufacturers by introducing N9 which has host of other functionalities apart from being stylish and fashionable.

Swipe Functionality

The most important feature in the phone is the swipe function. To return to the home page of the phone, the user is just required to swipe from the edge of the screen. This means, swiping at the edge takes the user home. Along with the renovated home key, Nokia N9 comes with 3.9 inch AMOLED screen which has a scratch resistant curved glass. The screen is big enough to enable the user to watch videos in 16:9 widescreen formats.

Other Nice Features

Near Field Communication (NFC), the latest in wireless technology helps the Nokia N9 users to share images and videos easily. The device can also be paired with Bluetooth speakers. Among other specifications, there is the 8 MP Carl Zeiss camera with autofocus sensor with wide angle lens. The High Definition video capture and large lens aperture enable the optimum capture of precious moments. With a sleek design and good hardware, the phone is available in three exciting colors – black, magenta and cyan.

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  1. Shirna says:

    yeah been seeing this one lately…and I like the idea of horizontal-sliding-phone..wider screen…with a uniqueness…this latest gadgets is truly trending..

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  2. Gadgets says:

    Generally new gadgets gets high trend that to Nokia N9 also get high trend. Nokia N9 features are nice like swipe and edge screen. Thanks for the information.

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