Nokia PureView will be coming to Windows Phone


A 41 megapixel phone is definitely something to look forward to. In fact, Nokia already has one up its sleeves and this is a result of years of research and development in its part. The Nokia 808 PureView might not be the most attractive of phones but it has a camera sensor bigger than those found in a most point-and-shoot cameras. Thus it is able to process a picture worth 41 megapixels at its maximum resolution.

However, the Nokia 808 PureView is currently powered by Symbian. Although it is still one of the most prominent mobile operating system in the market, its market share is dropping to the likes of Android, Windows Phone and iOS. With Nokia’s collaboration with Microsoft, it has been developing Windows Phone 7 devices under its Lumia line. Some of these phones have impressive cameras but none of them are on par with the Nokia PureView.

Senior Vice President Jo Harlow stated that the PureView technology is on the way to the Windows Phone 7 devices. However, it will still take some time before all the kinks would be worked out and it would be ported to a WP7 device. Nevertheless, he said that this would not be very far away.

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