Nokia ruled out the Smart Devices for the inclusion of Physical Keyboards


In an official announcement of the Windows phone 8 gadgetsat the MWC the smartphone head at Nokia- JO Harlow- stated his fears that a physical keyboard may not be appreciated by the mobile aficionados, and hence they are avoiding it for the time being. Harlow admits that physical text option may be “next-form” feature.

Reason- Don’t want to be part of the wrong side in the movement

Harlow has specifically said that they are still not sure if people like a physical keyboard or a virtual keyboard. They have chosen a more phenomenal virtual keyboard because they do not want “to be on the wrong side of the movement”.

Competing BB Q10

The BlackBerry Q10 running on BB10 is soon to arrive and even though the latest five gadgets of Nokia including Lumia 520 and Lumia 710 do not have a QWERTY keyboard, Nokia is not entirely ruling out the chances of a physical board in another device. The Canadian model of BB Q10 sports thumb boards and so may another device from Nokia.

Harlow admitted that even though QWERTY is a thing of the past, yet they are thinking over this as the “next-form factor”.

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