Nokia Windows Phone 7 phones to be available only in 2012


Those that are wishing to grab their hands on a Nokia powered by Windows Phone 7 would have to wait until next year before they can do so. Nokia had recently told that there won’t be a phone with Windows Phone 7 on it until Q1 of 2012.

Nokia was another manufacturer that had jumped into the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon along with a few popular names such as Dell and HTC. Nokia’s Stephen Elop also reportedly showed a prototype of a Nokia WP7 phones to a handful of people and called it something “super confidential” as well.

It was allegedly said that the new Nokia phone would look similar to the N9 along with an 8 MP Carl Zeiss lens. In addition to that, it would also feature all the hardware buttons specified by Microsoft so that it would qualify as a WP7 phone.

With Nokia to back Microsoft up on its new mobile operating system, the future of the new OS seems promising. Hopefully, there will be more developers for the OS so that it would be on par with Android and the iOS as well. Until then, WP7 is a bit behind as compared with the two but then again, it is still new in the market.

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