Not interested in the iPhone 4S? Check out these phones instead


With analysts giving the iPhone 4S a ‘lukewarm response’, there is no telling on how the crowd will react when the new mobile phone will launch on October 14. Frankly speaking, we were quite disappointed that there are no new designs on the iPhone because to some of us, the phone was bulky and small as compared with its competing devices. If you are in the same boat with us, consider checking out these devices instead before thinking of buying the iPhone 4S.

Samsung Galaxy S II

No doubt that this mobile phone has been a rave outside of United States with more than 10 million devices being shipped out. It is also one of the most powerful devices in the world today, even surpassing the new iPhone 4S. If you’re thinking of jumping to the Android bandwagon, consider using the Samsung Galaxy S II.

HTC Titan

Interested in a Windows Phone instead? Then have a look at HTC’s flagship Windows Phone device, the HTC Titan. It has a 1.5GHz dual-core processor with excellent computing power and looks aesthetically pleasing as well with its S-LCD display. We also find that Windows Phone 7 Mango update would make the platform better and more popular in the short run.

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