Now Amazon’s Fire Phone Gets an Update to Recognize Art Works


Amzon Fire PhoneThe latest version of Amazon’s Fire Phone has a very high end feature. It is equipped with the capability of recognizing well-known artworks. This feature is facilitated by this phone’s visual search feature, i.e., Firefly.


The “Best Shot” improves the processing of images in Fire Phones giving user the choice amongst various shots that should be retained. Amazon has enabled this feature to add musical controls.  Amazon’s Cloud Calendar would give the Google’s version a stiff fight because it is capable of synchronizing schedules on all other Amazon gadgets used by a person.  In addition, Firefly is equipped with translation capabilities. For now, though, this is restricted to translations of texts in Spanish, Italian, French, English, and German.


VPN support is being provided for users from enterprises. WPS office will be preloaded in these devices. Kindle ebooks can be auto scrolled. The battery included lasts longer and people can add customized ring tones too. Blocking numbers they don’t want to call them is also feasible. For now, Amazon has introduced the Fire OS 3.6.5 version. This would be restricted to Fire Phone with AT&T carrier. Other GSM versions would have OS 3.6.8.

Gadgets lovers have not actually taken to Amazon handset. Indeed the handset has been confined to shopping requirements because it is capable of reading the labels. This new feature is certainly something that will make high profile people inclined to invest in art works give the device a serious thought.  In all, the device is capable of recognizing almost 2000 artworks, based on information available about them on Wikipedia.

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