OnePlus will now have own Operating System based on Android


OnePlus Oxygen OsTrust the Chinese to rise to the occasion. OnePlus is one of their brands. These smartphones shook up gadgets world because of their pricing. There are hardly any of those available with so many features for $300 or less. So OnePlus was rapidly increasing its market share but there were some hurdles.

Cyanogen Issues

OnePlus One is a device that uses Cyanogen OS in it. This is modified Android OS from Cyanogen. Cyanogen has also entered into contracts with other device manufacturers. One of those devices gained a foothold in India. According to the terms, Cyanogen was not allowed to let any other device with its OS be used in the same market. India represents an enormous potential for any electronics manufacturer, especially those products that are much cheaper. Obviously, such competition was avoided, and OnePlus One lost the race.

Oxygen OS

Not to be outdone, OnePlus opted for in-house version of OS, which too is based on Android. This new OS is called Oxygen OS. Since most people are familiar with Android, OnePlus could not afford to ignore it. However, the problems of using Cyanogen OS in countries like India, had to be overcome, and the Chinese company came out with flying colors.

OnePlus devices will flood Indian markets, and these handsets will soon reduce the market shares of competitors because of the price advantage.

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