Panasonic preparing to launch Panasonic Eluga at Mobile World Conference


Panasonic is all ready to launch its new smartphone gadget well soon at MWC 2012. The new, exciting smartphone has certainly been a spark for the gadgets lovers. Panasonic has named this new smartphone as “Panasonic Eluga”. According to the sources from TechRadar, these new gadgets will be more – of – a “Camera smartphone”. This gadget will include Lumix tag, so it is natural that this device would be operating on Panasonic’s – camera technology.

The new Panasonic Eluga will be shown before MWC 2012

Panasonic has already showcased its new “Panasonic Eluga” at European conference, before a week the MNC 2012 is going to held. Question put up by TechRadar that if this new gadget would be released at MWC 2012, the answer was positive in this respect, and it is expected that Panasonic is preparing more to give it a best shot at MWC 2012.

Complete smartphone with front facing camera

As mere deficit of details, this new smartphone couldn’t be described effectively. However, it is sure that it is a camera phone having frontally, facing camera with large screen. It is expected that this would be the first proper camera android smartphone.

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