Pear KickStarter Project for iPhone Speaker Docks


Having an iPhone does come with its perks because there are multiple accessories that have been created surrounding this device. In fact, one of those accessories is the speaker docks. There are plenty of those around but they only work with iOS device. Or, you may want to text and browse the net while listening to music at the same time but that is not possible when your phone is docked at your speaker. The solution for this is a KickStarter project called Pair with Pear.

Pear is a device which allows Bluetooth devices to be connected to it. The device is first placed on a dock and once powered on, it will allow for Bluetooth devices to connect with it and stream their music wirelessly. It works just the same as you docking your iOS device but without physically doing so. In fact, it not only work with iOS devices but also Android devices as well.

The price tag for Pear is $40 for one or $78 for two. This is rather cheap considering the convenience that you are getting from this device. Their target is $40,000 on which we see will come true. With around 59 days to go, you can be sure that this device will be made to manufacturing.

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