Plenty of Leaks for the New Blackberry X10 and Z10


Regarding the news of the Blackberry X10 smartphone release, we have heard of various aspects. This has made us apprehensive of the model, which seems different from the Blackberry Z10 handset. Whereas the Z10 has a touch screen, the X10 has been endowed with a QWERTY keyboard. Today it is yet again in the news since the first pictures of the X10 are out.

For those who are fed up of big screen and touch devises

A NB44 reader has come up with the first image, and the picture gives you a clear conception of the size of the Blackberry X10. The full RIM keyboard is seen in the picture and surely, it would attract people who want iconic models that do not have a big screen.

Also for those who want, touch screen

Those who like the idea of a touch screen, they too can get hold of the model since next year a new hardware will be launched that will allow full touch facility. People are eagerly waiting for the launch scheduled on 30 January. At the event, people will see the hardware of Blackberry 10 for the first time.

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