PowerSkin Battery Case – Motorola Droid X and X2


PowerSkin is very popular among the battery case manufacturers for the smartphones. Irrespective of the model or the smartphone manufacturer, PowerSkin has released their battery case products. And today PowerSkin has released a new battery boosting case for Motorola’s Droid X and X2.

PowerSkin battery boosting case is flexible and relies on the soft silicon rubber to protect your valuable device from any impact and also from any kind of scratches. This case, with the patented XPAL Powered Battery technology, will let the users to enjoy atleast twice the power with the battery life that will be extended by another 8 hours. Also, all PowerSkin cases are rechargeable and are 100% recycled.

With the help of such battery boosting cases, users can not only save their devices from any impacts but also can enjoy extended battery life. So such cases will be of great use for any smartphone user as battery life is a very important of concern for him/her.

Also, the PowerSkin battery case costs only $59.99, regardless of the model you possess. Considering all the positive points, this seems to be a worthy investment for any smartphone user.

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