Prices for the iPhone 5c Slashed Down Just Few Weeks After Its Launch


iPhone 5CPrices for the Apple iPhone 5c have been slashed at Best Buy, and the offer will be available from October 3 to October 7. It will be available for $50, instead of $99.99.

The Offer

Best Buy has stated that it is giving away Gift Cards worth $50 with the phone which may be redeemed while purchasing the gadget itself. This will make the price of the device almost half the original. Check out other offers pertaining to Samsung Galaxy line including the S4 priced at $199 which may cost you now only $150. Even though such offers are not unlikely for Best Buy, but on the latest devices it is unimagined!

Official Spokesperson Said

The official statement from Shandra Tollefson states how the company intends to give the consumers “all the phones, all the plans, all the carriers” and delight them. When asked about the reason for such a step, the lady said it was for transferring traffic to these products. Not just Best Buy, Wal-Mart has already launched the iPhone 5c at the price of $80, and that is $20 less than set price of $100. Target too has offered the cut, but all of them will make you sign a two-year contract with the carriers for the discount.

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