Release of Asus Padfone 2 Predicted


There is a strong assumption doing rounds amongst recent and to-be-released gadgets market analysts that the new Asus padfone version will be uncovered in the middle of next month. On the heels of the earlier flagship model of Asus, the latest Padphone 2 is expected to be out at two functions at different venues at Italy and Taiwan on 16 October.

Marketing via Padfone 2

The reduced availability of the earlier novel padfone gadget created a slump in the market value of Asus. The February disaster is anticipated to be overcome by the newest Padfone 2 with an increased probability of rise in profits. The processor is believed to be the integrated Qualcomm’s quad-core S4 Snapdragon with an in-built keyboard and tablet port that is incorporated in the equipment.

Asus cashing in on Seasonal Rush

The product will hit mobile store shelves probably during December, relying on the holiday rush season. The lag in sales of Asus’s first padfone edition, released earlier this year, is attributed to the delay in shipment and production. The concept of introducing another version in such a short is estimated to boost sales. Grab a Padfone 2 at the end of the year as a gift for the festival season.

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