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The Samsung Juke Cell Phone for Verizon Wireless has been around for some time now. Though not really all that great as a cell phone, this one scores for its music factor and that is what gets people going crazy after it yet. We now bring you a full review of this cute li’l Juke cell phone.

Juke says that its cell phone is an MP3 player that also happens to be a phone. This phone does offer a lot of software besides the music player. It does not support video capture and playback, web browser or email. But the thing about this device is its 2 GB of internal memory, which can hold more music than your usual cell phone.


The Juke cell phone is very tiny, yet fat – it is one of the smallest phones at a mere 2.82 ounces, 3.82 inches high and 1.18 inches wide, but surprisingly, it is also a chunky 0.82 inches thick. Its candybar form factor has a solid swing-open design that is unique. This lets you access the keypad more easily.

The Juke costs $99.99 with a two-year contract from Verizon and after a $50 online discount. It’s available in Teal, Red and Navy.

The Juke cell phone has no SIM slot and no memory card slot either. It comes with a USB cable and headset with a 2.5mm plug. Because it is so small, it gets a little tough to handle. But the good thing is that it will easy fit even into a tiny pocket.



Audio is fairly good, but higher frequency sounds could be clipped slightly.

Pictures and video

The Juke cell phone has a simple interface, offering a basic array of options. It does not have great album software, though. Viewing picture is fairly good, though you cannot organize pictures automatically. The image editing software that comes in the box is very good and you can easily manipulate your pics with it, even insert frames and graphics into it.

The Juke cannot capture video. Not many people who like basic phones want video capture, but it would have been a plus.


Dialing speed of the Juke cell phone is quite fast, thanks to the well-placed keyboard. The device keeps a folder for the call register and a log of all the calls. The ring volume is pretty much decent too. But you cannot use your own ringtones on the phone, which is a definite minus. The vibrate mode of the phone is not so great either.

SMS, MMS and Email

The Juke cell phone does not support email. Some versions of AIM are supported, but each message is charged as much as an SMS message. This device supports MMS, though, and does a pretty good job of that. Typing out messages is easy too.


The Juke does not support PIM sync. Adding contacts on the phone, though, is quite easily done.


The device gives you only two calendar views – day and month. Though you can highlight a day’s events, you cannot view them at a glance, without actually going into the program.

Accessing music

This is the best feature of the Juke cell phone. You do not even need to open the device to access music. It has no dedicated music controls, though. The music software that comes with it is definitely above average. But you need to shut the phone to get the music playback working. This can get pretty annoying, especially if you like to work keeping on your music.

You cannot use your Juke to download music online – only ringtones. Also, you cannot stream audio, so downloading podcasts is out. MusicSync with the PC can be done via Windows Media Player.

The music playback pauses during a call and then resumes automatically after the call ends.

The Juke cell phone does run Bluetooth 1.2, but cannot act as a modem to connect to the Internet. It also does not support Infrared and Wi-Fi.


All-in-all, the Juke cell phone is a cute little phone if you love music and are looking for something basic and easy to use.

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