RIM giving away free apps as compensation for outage


Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the fading Blackberry devices are giving away a handful of application worth almost $100 as compensation for the Blackberry service outage that had rendered a lot of the devices all around the world useless for quite some time. Some of the applications that are being given away include SIMS 3, Shazam Encore and many more. There is no telling how much the company is losing due to the compensation as well as the outage.

The timing for the outage couldn’t even be more troublesome for the company as the Apple iPhone 4S was scheduled to be released at the same week on which the outage happened. The outage definitely gave the people at RIM a PR nightmare as people all around the world criticized the company heavily. The places affected by the outage spanned all across the globe as users not only from the United States that were affected but also in parts of Asia, Europe, South America and many more.

RIM was once a dominant name in the mobile industry but now the company is slowly losing fans because of competing companies such as Google and Apple, two giants that are now slowly gaining shares that was once RIM’s.

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