RIM releases new Blackberry designed by Porsche – Blackberry P’9981


What would you do with $2000? How about buying a new Blackberry that is designed by Porsche? It is a cheaper solution as compared with buying the car. We’re talking about the Blackberry P’9981 made exclusively by Porsche Design for Blackberry.

One have to admit about the sleekness of the P’9981. It looks elegant and will definitely capture the attention of anyone that looks at it. It sports a 1.2 GHz processor with a 512MB RAM, a 5MP camera and a VGA touchscreen at a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. The screen size isn’t too big either at 2.8-inches only. The camera can also capture 720p HD Video which is good for those wanting to take a quick video of a scene. NFC is also available on the P’9981 as it can work as both a reader and a writer.

The Blackberry P’9981 comes with Blackberry 7 which is RIM’s latest operating system for Blackberry. With this, it allows users to exchange information simply by ‘tapping’ other Blackberry devices which has NFC capabilities.

This device is definitely not for everyone. At its steep price, only those that have that extra money will be able to afford the Blackberry P’9881. We do have one request though, that is to name the device with words instead of numbers. It’ll save a lot of hassles amongst even the most fanatic of Blackberry users.

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