RIM unveiled the launch of BlackBerry Messenger 6


Ever since the launch of Blackberry Messenger, the sales of Blackberry phones has increased manifold and people love it to the core. BBM is one feature which helps people keep in touch with their loved ones anytime during the day through their technically advanced gadgets.

The Good News

The good news is, the Canadian Company has recently launched Blackberry Messenger 6 which is obviously an enhanced version. Talking about the technical specifications, with the new Blackberry Messenger 6, BB users will have access to third party applications like Foursquare etc. Also, it will support a lot of games which will have BB messenger built right into them which is pretty cool.

Stay connected with your friends and loved ones!

Above all, with this BB users will now be able to send messages to their loved ones who do not have IM client. In a nutshell, there is lot more to come in next good couple of days and BB users will have access to more connected apps than ever. So, those of you who wish to download the new BB messenger juts need to upgrade their devices to BB OS v 4.5 or higher and they are all set to enjoy the all new Blackberry Messenger 6.

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